Dicey! — Comedy Evening with Dan le Man (AUS)

Cut the repertoire and show of multidisciplinary artist Dan le Man into 47 separate parts. Jumble them all up. Then stick them back together in a totally random order.
Welcome to Dicey, a one-man show that is fresh, new and different every time it’s performed.

Will the opening happen after the interval or just before the finale? Will you get to see all the musical treats, circus acts, giggly bits on offer or will the show ‘End’ straight after we’ve indulged in a bit of contemporary art and magic... or before we’ve even started?

Inspired by the book ‘’Diceman’’ (Luke Rheinhart)
Language: English, Estonian, Estonglish, Gibberish, Physical
Directed by chance

Show length: 5-150 min

Limited seats available
Seat reservation, 1€ **Only 40 available**
Table reservation, 15€ (4 seats included) **Only 3 available**
Ticket price is determined by the roll of a die, after the show has finished
1 = free
2 = 3 €
3 = 5 €
4 = 7 €
5 = 10 €
6 = 15 €


Friday November 15th at 8pm @ Club Heldeke. Get your ticket